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Personal Advice from Dr. Gilda is an online service brought to you by Dr. Gilda Carle and InterChange Communications Training, Inc. Some e-mail questions may be published without the use of real names. This service is designed for entertainment purposes only. In no way is it intended to be a means of psychological or medical diagnosis or treatment, nor should it be a substitute for regular or specialized psychological/medical care. No one can diagnose or treat a psychological/medical problem online, and no diagnosis or treatment is being provided by Dr. Gilda Carle herein. Please consult a licensed health professional in your geographic area as needed.

Dr. Gilda is an educator/psychotherapist who has specialized in interpersonal relationships, at home and in the workplace, for over 20 years. She is not a medical doctor, she does not prescribe drugs, she is not a clinical psychologist, sociologist or anthropologist. Submission of credit card information guarantees that the subscriber owns or is authorized to use the credit card number indicated.

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